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How do I wash the wool gloves and hats?
  Hand wash them in cold water.  Lay them flat to dry.  Do not put them in the dryer because they will shrink.
What are the dimensions for your shirts?
  ThinkGeek.com has a wonderful page that describes in detail the different sizing dimensions of the kind of shirts we use on AllCollegeStuff.com.  Check out their page for specific information regarding this topic.

*AllCollegeStuff.com does not endorse nor is affiliated with ThinkGeek.com or its associates.
Which side of the shirt are the graphic t-shirts printed on?
  Our designs are printed on the front of the shirt.  A few designs have a front and back print.  These shirts are clearly marked.
Will the tie-dye t-shirts fade or bleed in the wash?
  Our tie dyes are hand dyed and will not fade or bleed in the wash.  They are made with industrial dyes that to not fade.  The shirts have been put through the wash three times to prevent bleeding.  We do however recommend that the first few times you wash them that you do so with your dark colors in cold water.
How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.